An Unsealed Indictment

Could the Bible, a book that teaches that the Greatest Commandment is to love God and our fellow human beings, support a system of bondage and injustice? Dr. Richard Rodriguez tackles this vital question in his book, An Unsealed Indictment: How American Slavery Violated the Scriptures. In this podcast, Dr. Rodriguez shares about his new book and why he thinks our best days of racial harmony are right in front of us.

Our Newborn Sleep Routine

I love babies! Some of my best days have been spent caring for my three children as newborn babies.  For some new families, the change of schedule and lack of sleep can turn our best days into very difficult days. I’ve recorded nine steps that helped my children take on a sleep schedule that would best fit our family routine.

Holy Matrimony

Sweet Sixteen. My wife and I celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary today. Happy Anniversary, Amy, I love you more every day! As the flurry of summer weddings and anniversaries begins, here are some devotional thoughts from that magic moment in first century Galilee when Jesus saved the wedding day and turned water into wine.

Why I Love Millennials

Jesus began his ministry at age 30. In today’s world, Jesus would be a Millennial. I love Millennials. I am not a Millennial, but I married one. They energize me. For my family, many of our best days have been spent in the company of Millennials. To organize my affections, here are the top five reasons “Why I Love Millennials”:

My Demons of Depression

I stare out the window. It’s yet another cold, gray, and rainy day in Scotland. The war against the demons of depression rages inside of me. For many years, I’ve battled the blues and waves of depression. My study of victorious men and women of the bible who struggled with depression gives me inspiration and hope…

I Hear God Singing to Me

Singer, songwriter, and musician Sherwin Mackintosh and his wife, Debbie, recently visited us and the Edinburgh Church of Christ in bonnie Scotland. In this podcast, Marcus Overstreet speaks with Sherwin about the 30-year anniversary of “Men Who Dream”, the genesis of “I Hear God Singing to Me”, and the musical success of his son, Chase.

Hope Makes You Sick

“How’s it going as a missionary in Scotland?” That’s a question our friends have asked us many times over the last few years. This we know for sure: We’re experiencing the sickness of hope more than we ever have before. There are so many wonderful things about hope, but there is a downside to hope we must overcome.

While We Wait - Jeremiah 32

Proverbial wisdom tells us hope deferred makes the heart sick. In this podcast, Marcus and Amy Overstreet explore how the prophet Jeremiah courageously played the waiting game with God and kept hope alive. This podcast comes from a lesson they recently shared in Gainesville, Florida.

Defining Hope by the Dozen

No one wants to be hopeless! Since God often organizes in groups of 12, we’ll follow suit with a dozen defining characteristics of hope for your personal bible study. We hope (yes, pun intended) at least a handful of the 12 will surprise you, inspire you, or give you fresh bible study on this important topic.